Nume de localitati traduse din Romana in Engleza

Urlaţi – Gimme Some Noise

Constanţa – The Steadiness

Afumaţi – Neversober

Slobozia – A Very Wrong Local Tradition

Călăraşi – Silly-dressed Folks on Horses

Piteşti – Youdohide

Oneşti – The Sincere

Huşi – Shoo!

Buhuşi – Boo!

Satu-Mare – The Rather Roomy Rural Community

Slatina – Slut Tina

Târgu Frumos – The Aesthetically Pleasing Bazaar

Buzău – Really Fat Lip

Năvodari – Networkers

Dor Mărunt – Miniature Melancholy

Voluntari – Town of Unpaid Assistants 

Domnesti – You the king!

Bucuresti – Is like having fun, but no one has in fact.

Caldarusani – Bucketeers

Ploiesti – Rainman

Negru Voda – Darth Vader

Vanju Mare – Cannot be translated but is very popular among girls.

Viseul de Sus – Uptown Restroom

Botosani – Everybody gives head

Piatra Neamt – German stone

Alba Iulia – White Juila

Fetesti – Girly town

Otelul Rosu – Russian steel

Negresti – Ghetto

Budesti – Shitting place

Eforie – Drugs allowed

Baia Mare – Very big bathtub

Campulung – A very long field

Portile de Fier – Iron Gates (sooo Lord of the Rings)

Dragomiresti – Lots of Dragomirs

3 thoughts on “Nume de localitati traduse din Romana in Engleza

  1. Piatra Neamt – German stone si o sa se astepte sa ajunga pana acolo pe autostrada, ca doar e in germania 😀

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